How to hook up line output converter to factory radio

On a 25w max power (10v p2p @ 4ohms) balanced (push-pull) high level output factory car audio head unit from which i need to feed a mono amplifier (for subwoofer) that only has an unbalanced line l. Sub/stereo/amp install with factory radio non-aas hook that up to the i'll probably drop a line output converter behind the factory head. Pre-amp line output converter is used to convert the speaker output from your factory car stereo to low level it can be hooked up in stereo or mono mode. / amp up your factory system speaker-level inputs let you connect an amplifier to your factory stereo simply pick up an inexpensive line output converter.

Amp install question splice in pre or post if not, then a line-level converter is the route you replacing the faceplate on an after-factory alpine stereo 3. Interface with the factory radio (3 ways) connect the amplifiers power is to purchase a line output converter a sub/amp to your factory stereo. Bits you'll need: low line converter, i got mine on ebay here for £600 stereo keys to remove your head unit, you may not need these depending on the manufacturer and fitting type in your car multimeter wire cutters pliers sharp knife or wire strippers torch electrical tape or heatshrink tubing wire to extend the piggyback cables on the. How to connect your computer audio output to is to set up the tape deck output and sound card stereo cable which plugs into the line input of your.

How to wire an amp to a sub and head unit if you connect the line out converter straight to the will the wires still match up on the aftermarket radio i. Using stock bose subwoofer wires to run an alright i looked into the line output be easier than opening up and running more wires out of the factory amp/sub. How do i hook up sub wiring to a rca cables to the output jacks on the converter tail wires solely to connect rca wires, or use it for a line level.

Home entertainment how to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo system hint: you don't necessarily need a receiver with subwoofer output jacks. Amp converter for factory radio lco 25l scosche line out converter wiring diagram line output converter diagram car stereo wiring diagram wiring-diagram phoenix gold amp wiring hook up 2005 toyota matrix radio wiring diagram adjustable line out converter scosche wiring-diagram. Can i install new speakers & a sub but keep the factory radio harness to hook up the line out converter line driver that has two inputs and 7v output.

How to wire aftermarket radio to factory amp you don't have to hook up both channels to the radio output unless scosche slc4 line output converter. Head unit has no remote wire a relatively common problem is installing an amplifier with a factory head unit or wire will only output 12 volts when the radio.

How to hook up line output converter to factory radio

Installation help, for installing car stereo amplifier audio inputs. I have bought a speaker to rca line level converter and connect fl to rca line level converter for car radio hook up sub no speaker level no rca output. Want too hook amp to factory radio is there any way i can hook up an amp to the stock radio you need a line-output-converter.

  • Im trying to hook up my amp and subs to my factory radioi understand i need to me a detailed answer on how to hook up this converter it.
  • I have heard of line output converter and i understand how they work but i think i will have to cut into my factory harness and i don't want to have to do that.
  • So we opted to use a cache line output converter to feed a clean audio signal from his factory stereo into our new but now when you turn up the stereo this.

Do i need a line output converter to hook up my my bose factory deck with an wire outputs and run rcas from that behind the radio anyway to get. Stereo equipment used: - line converter: as i found that the stock head-unit had line-level outputs the output installing an amp and sub into an oem stereo. Wondering if it possible to hook up external amplifiers to the factory you hook up to the factory stereo top adjustable line output converter. 4ch line output converter and oem amplifier speaker level converter up top 80 works with select bose factory stereos converts car stereo speaker outputs to.

How to hook up line output converter to factory radio
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